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Cooking with products straight from our farm and local food maker friends inspires us have to have a lot of fun with our menus; we aim to create the seasonal, fresh, and boldly flavored foods that we love to eat, and want to share them with you. Take a look at these 2020 and 2019 food truck menu items to get an idea of what we've been dishing up!
Food Truck Fun 2020
Food Truck Fun 2019


Want a special menu for an event you're planning? Browse the listing below for more menu item ideas and pricing examples. (Please note that costs are for the quantity listed; orders for a smaller or larger amount may be priced differently.) Menus are not limited to these selections! Contact us for a quote on a special event. Dietary restrictions can be accomodated.

KEY: [GF] gluten-free, [V] vegetarian, [Vv] vegan
ciabatta sandwich - app portions ciabatta stuffed with cheeses, sliced meats, condiments (tomato-pesto-fresh mozzarella [V], turkey-bacon-avocado etc.) 12 servings $30.00
corn-black bean salsa, corn or pita chips [Vv, GF] sweet corn, black beans, tomato, cilantro served with crispy seasoned pita chips or homemade tortilla chips serves 20 $30.00
cream cheese torta, crostini [V] Layers of cream cheese flavored with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, served with crispy crostini serves 20 $30.00
fresh veggies with feta-yogurt dip [V, GF] Red and yellow pepper strips, green onions, cucumber slices with feta cheese and yogurt dip serves 20 $30.00
jalapeno poppers [V, GF] broiled jalapeno peppers stuffed with gouda/cream cheese 2 dozen $30.00
lemony broiled shrimp skewers [GF] Locally-grown shrimp (seriously!) broiled with preserved lemons and garlic, skewered and served cold dozen $24.00
mushroom pâté rich and smooth with flavors of mushrooms, walnuts and sherry, served room temp with crackers serves 12 $30.00
prosciutto asparagus, aioli [GF] Steamed asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, served cold with saffron aioli dipping sauce 2 dozen $42.00
prosciutto-wrapped melon [GF] Honeydew and cantaloupe chunks wrapped with prosciutto, skewered with a red grape  2 dozen $30.00
red pepper-eggplant dip, pita chips [Vv] Crispy seasoned pita chips with roasted red pepper and eggplant dip serves 20 $30.00
Scotch eggs Hard-boiled egg wrapped in crispy savoury sausage, served warm with a whisky-honey mustard dip dozen $30.00
smoked salmon mousse creamy dip of finely flaked smoked salmon, served cold with crackers serves 12 $30.00
skewered albondigas Beef/pork meatballs seasoned with herbs and sherry, simmered in smoked paprika tomato sauce, skewered and served warm 2 dozen $36.00
pitazzitas [V] Crispy pita wedges topped with pesto sauce, roasted red peppers, fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese 2 dozen $30.00
Thai rice balls [Vv, GF] crispyfried ball of rice, cilantro, curry seasonings and peanuts, served with sweet chili dipping sauce 2 dozen $30.00
walnut-cheese balls [V] vegetarian 'meatless' balls, served warm with a cream-mustard-dill sauce 2 dozen $30.00
zucchini fritters, yogurt dip [V] crispy-fried cakes of zucchini, onion, and feta, served with a dilled yogurt dip 2 dozen $30.00
BBQ beef brisket rolls braised pulled brisket served on local artisan rolls per serving $6.00
beef carbonnade, herbed dumplings rich beer-braised beef and bacon stew, served with dumplings per serving $10.00
ciabatta sandwich - meal portions ciabatta stuffed with cheeses, sliced meats, condiments (tomato-pesto-fresh mozzarella [V], turkey-bacon-avocado etc.) 4 servings $18.00
eggplant moussake [V, GF] eggplant layered with cinnamon-tomato sauce, lentils, and a creamy yogurt sauce serves 12 $42.00
white lasagna [V] bechamel-sauced lasagna with mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses serves 12 $42.00
quiche creamy egg and cheese baked in a flaky pastry crust; various fillings (can be [V]) serves 8-12 $36.00
Singapore rice noodles Spicy rice vermicelli noodles with shrimp, broccoli, carrot, and sweet pepper bits serves 12 $48.00
apple-fennel slaw [Vv, GF] crunchy fennel, apples, golden raisins with apple-cider and honey dressing serves 12 $30.00
Thai 'yam' salad [Vv, GF] Not actual yams! Cold chopped vegetables (farmer’s market choice) in a tangy lime-coconut dressing, garnished with peanuts serves 12 $30.00
couscous salad [Vv, GF] Israeli couscous, tomatoes, peppers, and cukes tossed with a lemony parsley-mint dressing serves 12 $30.00
carrot-ginger soup [Vv, GF] bright orange color and bright-tasting puree serves 12 $30.00
chilled sweetcorn soup [V, GF] Velvety cream soup with fresh corn kernels, tomato and cilantro garnish serves 12 $30.00
potato-leek soup [V, GF] smooth and rich with the flavors of potatoes, leeks serves 12 $30.00
chocolate-bourbon pecan pie [V] butter pastry crust, pecans with brown sugar, bittersweet dark chocolate and bourbon serves 12 $32.00
cheesecake [V] personalized with seasonal/custom flavors (citrus, dark chocolate marble, cranberry eggnog etc.) serves 10-12 $30.00 - $40.00
chocolate-covered strawberries [Vv, GF] Whole strawberries covered with dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate 2 dozen $30.00
dulce de leche brownies [V] fudgy brownies swirled with caramel 2 dozen $30.00
hedgehogs [V] mini chocolate cupcakes filled with peanut butter-creamcheese, covered with chocolate ganache and candied walnuts 2 dozen $30.00
lemon bars [V] 2 dozen $24.00
lemon-chocolate pie [V] Layers of Meyer lemon curd and dark chocolate ganache in a crispy pastry shell serves 12 $32.00
lemon-curd berry tart [V] serves 12 $32.00
mascarpone-stuffed apricots [Vv, GF] Dried apricots simmered in cardamom syrup, stuffed with mascarpone cheese and pistachios 2 dozen $24.00
mini cheesecakes, topped with fruit [V] 2 dozen $30.00
pecan-chocolate-bourbon squares [V] Layers of pecans, bourbon caramel, and dark chocolate on a shortbread crust 2 dozen $30.00
pumpkin-chocolate gingerbread [V] dense chocolate and pumpkin gingerbread with lemon curd icing serves 8 $24.00